TWICE’s Tzuyu takes on Taylor Swift’s hit single “ME!”

She joined forces with Stray Kids’ Bang Chan.

TWICE’s maknae and visual Tzuyu recently dropped a cover of the Taylor Swift song “ME!” for her Melody Project.


TWICE’s Melody Project is a venue for the members to showcase their talents. It was launched in 2016 with three videos by Chaeyoung, Mina, and Sana. Leader Jihyo and Nayeon continued the project in 2020 with videos of their own, and in February 2021, Dahyun did a joint video with Chaeyoung.



Tzuyu’s Taylor Swift cover is the latest in the series. She chose to work with Bang Chan of the JYP Entertainment boy group Stray Kids. He took over Panic! At the Disco singer Brendon Urie’s part in the song’s original version. Taylor Swift released it on her Lover album in 2019, and it went on to become a global hit.


In a live broadcast, Bang Chan reacted to Tzuyu’s video for the song. He was unable to take part in it, but he loved the final product nonetheless. He shared that Tzuyu personally asked him to sing with her on this cover, and he wanted to thank her for the opportunity as he always wanted to collaborate with another artist.



Bang Chan also complimented her on her growth and maturity as an artist and a person.


Watch Tzuyu’s cover of Taylor Swift’s “ME!” below.


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