ATEEZ’s Wooyoung is a Jimin-biased ARMY

He’s clearly head over heels for his sunbae.

ATEEZ’s Wooyoung once crowned himself the official ARMY (BTS stan) of his group. His bias is BTS’s lead vocalist and main dancer Park Jimin. Read on to find out how much Wooyoung adores Jimin!


1. When ATEEZ appeared on School Road, Wooyoung showed off how well he knows Jimin. When his fellow ATEEZ member San asked him when his birthday is, Wooyoung gave an incorrect answer. San was shocked while the rest of ATEEZ LOLed at Wooyoung’s predicament. Check out this tweet for audio of this hilarious moment.


2. Wooyoung has praised Jimin’s “DNA” look on several occasions. Once, he even wore a jacket like the one Jimin wore in the song’s music video. (Click here for proof.)


3. ATEEZ has covered BTS songs. Check out how well Wooyoung did Jimin’s parts in “Boy With Luv”…



…and his iconic body roll in “I NEED U.”



4. ATINYs know how much Wooyoung loves Jimin. At fansigns, they give him BT21 merch featuring Jimin’s LINE character Chimmy.



5. When Wooyoung was named Studio Choom’s Artist of the Month, he talked about how Jimin inspired him as a dancer.



Wooyoung’s love for Jimin spurs him on to greater heights, which is what a good role model should do.

Juan Leonardo Mauricio

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