WJSN's Luda Asks People to Stop Making Dating Rumors About Her

She said she has been holding it in for six long years.

WJSN's Luda has begged with the public to stop circulating dating rumors about her and Monsta X's I.M.

She said that she has been holding it in for six years since she debuted. The reason why she likes someone who can teach her how to use chopsticks well is because she had difficulties using it herself. Left-handed people also amuse her because she thinks it is unique. She was asked before what her ideal type is, and she answered someone who is polite. She wanted to make a special moment out of it but people grossly misunderstood everything.

Netizens have speculated that she was dating Monsta X's I.M.

She ended by saying she wanted her fans to understand her deeply, so she wants all misunderstandings to end as soon as possible. Netizens are all on her side, asking people to quit circulating the rumors since it makes people uncomfortable around each other. Starship Entertainment manages both Monsta X and WJSN.

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